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Apex-Brasil and ABCZ renew cooperation agreement for international promotion of Zebu genetics

The Brazilian Association of Zebu Breeders (ABCZ) and the Brazilian Export and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil) announced the renewal of the Brazilian Cattle Project, a cooperation agreement aimed at opening the market for Zebu genetics, products and Brazilian livestock services abroad.
The project has been developed by the two entities since 2003, and each biennium the agreement for execution is renewed. “Once again, Apex shows confidence in our work and we are assured of the continuity with full strength of exports of what we produce with excellence in Brazil, especially Zebu genetics”, celebrates the president of ABCZ, Rivaldo Machado Borges Júnior.
 The renovation was also celebrated by the director of international relations at ABCZ, Ana Claudia Mendes Souza. “It is with great satisfaction that we announce the renewal of this agreement with APEX Brasil, it was certainly the most difficult stage in recent years. Today, Apex has goals that are much higher than those previously required and the new edition of the project will certainly be the most challenging, ”she says.
Ana Claudia adds by explaining the project's next strategies for the 2020-2022 biennium. “We will have a meritocracy plan, a concern with the image positioning not only of Brazil, but of the project's members, in addition to a large number of actions in markets that have not yet been worked on, which shows more and more the need to develop the exporting maturity of the participants ”, she says.
Currently, the Brazilian Cattle has dozens of associates, which are: companies active in the segments of live animals, genetic material, seeds and inputs for pasture, animal nutrition, machinery, equipments, services like technical capacitation, animal health, veterinary products, in addition to Zebu breed associations.